Make Your Book Standout by Optimizing Your Amazon Page

Amazon is the ultimate gladiator in the self-publishing arena. Know its nuts and bolts and your book sales will sky-rocket once you hit publish, that’s of course if you have a great book that’s well formatted and designed to begin with. As the alpha aggregator, Amazon can take your book into the limelight where legions of readers wait for some good ol’ escape and inspiration to be served. And like all heroes, glory comes with a prestigious façade – a face that screams “I deserve your applause!” This is where the Amazon Author Central Page comes in.

Great work should be seen by the world. Start with perfecting your author page and everything good surely will follow. Here are some of the finest tips from industry experts.


Jeff Bezos


It’s not enough to just tell people a bit about yourself. It’s not enough to be interesting. The aim here is to try to be nothing less than fascinatingly compelling. While still being you.

Your book pages and author page should work to rid them of fears that they won’t enjoy it, that it’s no good, poorly edited, over-hyped, not likely to be worth the investment of money and time

Some writers like to use a pen-name as a marketing tool on Amazon, putting a keyword related to their books into their name.

Does having more ‘Likes’ affect the Amazon algorithm? Some say yes.

Even if it doesn’t, when customers see a book with a lot of likes, it warms them a little more. So it doesn’t hurt to ask those who have liked your book to go to your page next time they are on Amazon and say so by clicking the ‘like’ button. It only takes a second.

Narrow your audience by choosing the smallest sub- or sub-sub-category that is relevant, so your book has a chance of making its mark. – Jeff Bezos, Indie Authors & Amazon Author Page


Cat Rambo

Photos from the World Fantasy Convention 2011 in San Diego, CA

Use your Author Central page to provide more information for your readers: upcoming events, a full listing of your books, pictures and videos, and even excerpts from your blog. – Cat Rambo @Catrambo, Five Tips to Improve Your Amazon Author Central Page

First and foremost, set up your Amazon Author Central account and claim your book! Claiming your book allows you to update info on your book’s page – —including your book description, author bio, and the editorial reviews section. It will allow you to link all your titles together on your author page (assuming that you have published multiple books), which Amazon might not otherwise intuit. – Madeline Meehan, How to Optimize Your Amazon Page

By now, every author on the planet knows the importance of having their name everywhere they can put it. Exposure is publicity is “Limelight”. – Susan Reichert @swmeditor, 3 Tips for Highlighting Your Book on Amazon

Pictures are most important. In our world today, people want to see the writer they are reading, by seeing your picture they can relate visually when they are reading your book and because of that picture when they are finished they just might buy another one of your books, that is, if the first one was good. ”. – Susan Reichert @swmeditor, 3 Tips for Highlighting Your Book on Amazon

If your book has been in a magazine, then mention it. If you were interviewed on the radio and/or TV go ahead mention that. ”. – Susan Reichert @swmeditor3 Tips for Highlighting Your Book on Amazon


D’vorah Lansky


Add your Twitter feed and blog RSS feed – @marketingwizard

This free opportunity provides you with even more visibility and credibility, as readers will be able to view your Twitter stream and read excerpts of posts from your blog. Consequently, visitors to your author page will learn more about you and your work, and they may even visit your blog or follow you on Twitter. – D’vorah Lansky @marketingwizard, Create and Enhance Your Amazon Author Central Page


Penny Sansevieri

penny salvieri

First, make sure the headline has the primary keywords in it. – @BookGal

You must have at least 500 words in your book description. Why? Because too little content won’t register well (if at all) with Amazon and Google won’t pick it up, either.

Another note about your primary keyword: it should appear 2 to 5 times for every 100 words in your book description. So, no keyword stuffing, certainly, but using the keywords in a way that will help ping Amazon’s algorithm and also get you some attention in Google, as well.

The best categories are the ones that are slightly obscure if not totally so.

Keep adding to the page, enhancing it. Change up the description and keywords every now and again, fiddle with pricing and swap out categories. As long as you’re doing the right things for your book, the more you play, the more it pays. – Penny Sansevieri @BookGal, Keys to Understanding Amazon’s Algorithms

Another way to increase pageviews? Stick a “buy it now” button on the page(s) of your website. To play fair, also include links to your favorite indie store and B&N. You can find “Buy Now from Amazon” graphical buttons here.Christine Dore @christinemdore, 8 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Author Ranking

Include the title of your book in your author bio page. The more pages that could pop up as search results, the higher your stats in the Amazon algorithm. – Christine Dore @christinemdore, 8 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Author Ranking


Karon Thackston


One of the easiest ways to make your book description more enticing is tousepower words. No, not hype. I’m talking aboutwords with a little oomph:words that paint vivid mental pictures. – Karon Thackston @karonthackston, How To Write Fascinating Amazon Book Listings To Sell More Books


Laura Pepper Wu


It’s the best advertising for the book you will get! – @LauraPepWu

I can’t emphasize how important – and often under looked – a good product description is. It’s essentially sales copy, so it should focus on benefits to the customer (not the features), and should be as compelling as possible. – Laura Pepper Wu @LauraPepWu, Authors, Are You Using Your Amazon Author Central Page?

Don’t be pushy: Market your books or products as an affiliate on your blogs, groups, fan pages and newsletters in a subtle, pleasant and smart way. You should never write phrases like “buy my book,” rather, you should write “My book ‘ABC’ received 5 stars from a reader. Check out his opinion by clicking on this link.” – Juan Antonio Guerrero Cañongo @canongo, Increase Your Amazon Book Sales with 5 Tips from an Expert


David Gaughran

david gaughran

As a self-publisher, you have just two categories to play with. It can be a good approach to pick one competitive category that you occasionally qualify for, and one that is a little less competitive and enables you to always hit the Best Seller list. – David Gaughran @DavidGaughran, Using Categories to Drive Book Sales


Doris-Maria Heilmann


Track Your Sales – Find out where your sales are happening using the geographic location function and find out your Amazon ranking. – @111publishing

One of the biggest advantages as an Amazon Kindle published Author is your own web page, complete with a URL, on a powerful Amazon website just for you!

You need a separate account, both for the UK and US versions of Amazon; you have to do everything twice, and be aware that the two versions vary slightly. – Doris-Maria Heilmann @111publishing, 12 Tips for Your Professional Amazon Author Page

Look at it from the standpoint of a reader; which book would you buy: The one that shows just a boring cover, name of the author, and a very short introduction to the book – or the one which has: a beautiful, appealing cover, an all-embracing editorial review, an interesting authors bio with a portrait, lots of customer reviews, a book trailer or interview video. – Doris-Maria Heilmann @111publishing, 5 Tips to Improve your Amazon Author Page

Another way you can do it if you’re using WordPress – just create a new post to type out your book description as you want it. Then look for the gray tabs on the far right that say “Visual” and “Text.” If you switch to “Text” – it will show you the HTML version. You can copy+paste that code and use it for your book listing on KDP. – Derek Murphy @Creativindie, How to format your book’s sales page listing on Amazon.com (through KDP or Author Central)


Alexander von Ness


If you present yourself as an expert in your field, the customer will be more confident that the book they are about to purchase meets their criteria and specific needs. – @AlexandervonNes

Don’t include links. Be sure to say as much as possible in only a few sentences.

The “Sales” info tab provides information about how and where your books are selling. You can view BookScan sales data and graphs of your books, but only if you have added them to your Bibliography.  – Alexander von Ness @AlexandervonNes, Amazon Author Central Page – Your Own Promotional Billboard!


Marcy Kennedy


Creating an author page on international sites gives us a leg up over authors who only bother to update their Amazon.com page. – Marcy Kennedy @MarcyKennedy, 4 Tips for Setting Up Your International Amazon Author Central Pages

If you or someone you know can write in fluent German, French or Japanese, get your author bio translated and create Author Central accounts in those languages too. Remember, your book will stay in English. You just want your bio showing on other international sites to improve – Lee Masterson, Book Promotion Tips for Marketing Your Amazon Kindle Ebook

Before you cringe at the idea of giving your books away, remember that Amazon counts each download as a new sale – even though you don’t earn any royalties on those free downloads. – Lee Masterson, Book Promotion Tips for Marketing Your Amazon Kindle Ebook

Overall, having a good Amazon Author page is a good selling point for you, something that builds authority, and gives you a bit more outreach. All the successful authors have them, why shouldn’t you? – Greg Strandberg @gpstberg, Optimizing Your Amazon Author Page

How do you optimize your Amazon page? Let us know in the comments section below.

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