better book sales

12 Practical Tips for Better Book Sales

The practical parts of self-publishing might not be the most exciting, but they are absolutely essential. 

Here’s a quick refresher on some important practical aspects of getting your book out into the world. 

Consider if the logistics of writing an ebook could move your career forward.

Work out the financial side of publishing to help justify investing money into this area. 

Learn about some of the less exciting parts of a book like the foreword.

Check if your book will be legally safe by brushing up on copyright

Aim high and imagine how Amazon can help you promote your book and platform.

Manifest your book’s appearance by trying out a mockup generator.

Revisit the old-school grammar rules you were once taught.  

Give your about page the best chance of success.

Think about the power of HTML to make your book descriptions stand out.  

Now that you’ve brushed up on publishing practicalities, you can get back to the elements of writing you truly love.

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