4 Essential Articles You Need to be Writing to Start Making Money with Your Blog

When so many people are out there writing blogs, do you even stand a chance of monetizing yours?

The simple answer to that is yes. But it isn’t going to be easy. You can give yourself an advantage if you know what to write. 

Whether you’re starting your own blog or purchasing an existing blog from someone else, one of the best practices for monetizing blogs is through affiliate marketing. This is where you provide links within your articles to goods or services. In turn, these companies provide you a commission if the reader buys through your link.

Just remember, you should only affiliate with companies you actually believe are worth it. Your readers will see straight through you if you try to mess them around or recommend a product that doesn’t suit their needs or is downright scammy. 

Check out these 4 proven money-making article types…

1. The List of Resources Article

I bet if you look through any of your favorite blogs, you’re going to find a “list of resources” article or a variation of it. They may even be pinned to the main navigation menu. And there’s a simple explanation for that. 

It’s because they generate income. 

Often when readers are faced with finding a new product for a particular challenge, they’ll turn to their favorite bloggers. I personally have readers ask me about the best editing software, best online writing classes, and best keyword research tools. 

And because of this, I’ve created my list of resources that I actually recommend. It lays out my top choices based on several criteria. 

I have become an affiliate of most of these resources and I provide an easy way for readers to access the products. This way, I can honestly net affiliate sales through actual products I use and believe in.

2. “Best of” and “Top 10” Articles

When was the last time you searched specifically for a mediocre product? You know… when you wanted something that worked… but not too good. Oh! And you needed to be unsure of whether its value was really worth the money. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say never. 

I’d imagine you’d look for the best of whatever you needed or even a top 10 list for more options. That’s where the money will come in. An article like this is designed for readers in a lower stage of buying awareness. People who are looking to buy but are unsure of just what they want to purchase.

By providing them with a neat list of something like the best writers conferences, you may be able to accelerate their purchasing process in a way that results in an affiliate sale for you.

However, it’s not just “Best of” lists that reel in affiliate sales. Another variation of this is the “Cheapest of” article. There are people out there just searching for the best deal you can get. And in my experience, these articles actually generate more sales than the “Best of” or “Top 10” posts.

3. Product or Service Review Articles

With reviews, you’re connecting more with people who are closer to buying than in the previously mentioned articles. These buyers have a specific product in mind that they want to buy. 

They just may need someone else to affirm their decision. And that’s where you come in. Now, before you start reviewing everything under the sun, take a look at what you’re reviewing. Can you in good faith actually promote this product? Is it within your scope and is the product quality up to your standards? 

If the answer to either of those questions is ‘no’ you may want to consider a better option for review. Unless you plan on giving a bad review as a cautionary warning. 

Readers and potential buyers tend to have an innate ability to brush off what you’re selling as snake oil. They can sense it. So be honest with yourself and your readers and watch the sales roll in.  

4. Comparison Articles Between Two or More Products/Services

These types of articles may end up being your top sellers. They are specifically helpful for those in the end stages of buying decisions. It’s either this product or that one. And a well-written article can be all that’s needed for an affiliate sale.

Comparison articles also have a very unique position when it comes to SEO. Here… let me demonstrate what I mean.

Search TermAverage Monthly Volume of SearchersCompetitive Score (0-100 w/ Higher number being more difficult)
Mailchimp1.4M57 (Hard)
GetResponse30K28 (Hard)
Mailchimp vs GetResponse3502 (Easy)

This data was procured from Ahrefs.com–a great tool for SEO’ers.

Looking at the data, you can see the competitive scores for GetResponse and Mailchimp are hard to rank for–especially Mailchimp. Could you rank for it? Sure. Through an exhaustive amount of time and effort.

But look at the comparison keywords. It has a competitive score of only 2. That would make ranking for the keywords super easy. 

If you’d like to see an example of a versus article, take a look at Food Delivery Guru. This popular food blog reviews food delivery services and meal kits to help make your mealtimes easier. Food Delivery Guru has several articles comparing different services, but one of my favorites is their head to head review of Sun Basket and Green Chef. These two organic meal delivery services have a lot in common, and the writers do a nice job of pointing out the differences. 

Monetizing Your Blog Isn’t Impossible

Through the use of affiliate marketing, you can convert your blog into an online asset.

These 4 article types are written specifically for driving sales and providing honest information to the reader. Just remember to choose your affiliates carefully for your best chance of success.


Image from Unsplash by Micheile Henderson

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