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Welcome to Marketing for Writers! I started this site to offer author services like book launches and website design, but I stopped so I could focus on writing my own books. So instead I’ll be posting ginormous, genre-specific book marketing guides on a scale of which the world has never seen. I’ll spend hundreds of hours doing the research that authors should do themselves (but never do) to make your life easier. And I won’t even charge for it, because I’m cool like that.

Book Marketing for Non-fiction Authors

I’m making an in-depth, blow-by-blow publishing and book marketing roadmap to share some of the hacks I’ve used to take dozens of books to #1 bestsellers.

I’m also putting together a mega-list of subject/topic specific sites and resources to help you with your book marketing.

I’ll put all of that up on the non-fiction page here. This is time-consuming research but we will continue to build up the site and the resources until you’ve got everything you need (but never knew you wanted).

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Book Marketing for Fiction Authors

Do you ever feel like all the book marketing and platform-building advice is geared towards non-fiction authors? While it’s true non-fiction book marketing is simpler and more clear, luckily novels and other fiction writing has greater potential in terms of sales, and needs less of a push to get going.

Still, you need to do it right and think about building a professional platform. I’ll be making a mega-detailed publishing and book marketing roadmap you can follow to launch your book to bestseller, and also some genre-specific resources lists you can use that will save you a ton of time.

You can find them on the fiction page here.

Book Marketing Tips from Industry Experts

We’ve already posted a whole bunch of useful articles, with quotes from publishing industry insiders. Here they are in order. We’ll be expanding these greatly, with more specific walkthrough guidance, later…

Also read these articles on book marketing basics

Why is it all for free?

Firstly, I love helping indie authors, and a lot of this is stuff I’ve been repeating in books, emails, at conferences, on podcasts, and whenever somebody asks “how do I market my book?” and I tell them what to do (I get a dozen email every day asking for book marketing advice). It’s just easier to write everything down and send people the link.

But I will also probably include some affiliate links to the stuff I recommend using. For example, I recommend using Createspace for POD (print on demand) books. Instead of using a regular link, I can use a special link so that, if you follow my advice and sign up with Createspace, they will send me a little bit of money. It doesn’t cost you anything extra; Createspace is just rewarding me for recommending them.

I’d never recommend anything I don’t use and depend on myself, so I won’t post links to crappy bullshit courses or tools. That said, there are some things that are worth the investment; but you don’t have to buy or use anything I recommend, ever.

I plan to publish a ton of free video resources and guides and will link to them on this site, but I’ll ALSO be putting together a really big course in the future called the “21 Day Bestselling Author Platform” … which will be even more detailed for people who need more personal help and hand-holding (as many authors do).


If you’re interested in that, you can read more about it and sign up on my mailing list over at my main blog,, and you’ll also get my book, “Book Marketing is Dead” for free, right now.