Author Assistants

I’ve been to dozens of writing conferences in the last couple of years and I always hear the same problems. There’s too much to do, everything is overwhelming, and authors just want to focus on writing. So they don’t start their blog. They don’t write guest posts. They don’t research strategic partnerships, or solicit reviews, or build relationships with other authors. They don’t put together a good optin-offer for people to join their email list.

The thing is, writing more books is no longer the key to success. There’s a whole bunch of other stuff you have to do, and the learning curve can be steep. And unfortunately, you can’t avoid taking action. You need to be building your platform now, to bring in traffic and new readers and followers, so that when you have a book out you can ask them to support you. I’ve been building my online platforms for several years and luckily, I have a few sites that get a lot of traffic and it’s much easier for me to launch a book into the bestseller lists.

But there is still SO much more I could be doing. In 2015 I hired my first virtual assistants, and it’s been a game-changer. I can have them work on all the things I don’t have time to get to. It’s like I suddenly doubled or tripled the amount of time I have. As a team we can be so much more productive, and they can be building up other sites or social media profiles, gathering content, or helping me market my books.

Do you need an author assistant?

We already offer social media packages for authors, since we know many authors especially don’t know how to (or strongly dislike) Twitter and Facebook. But having your own assistant can be even more powerful – they can seek out reviewers and send them a digital copy of your book; network with other authors in your genre to build collaborations; help you research, and lots more.

If our Social Media Marketing and Content Creation (article writing) packages aren’t enough for you, and you need your own author assistant to help you with some other miscellaneous tasks you’ve been dreading so that you can get them done and focus on your writing, we can set you up. Searching for your own personal VA can be frustrating, and there are many bad eggs. We’ve browsed through hundreds of online portfolio and have picked the best virtual assistants in the world (seriously, they are brilliant).

We keep them on the payroll, but we’ll let you borrow them for awhile if you need them.

Tentative Rates


That’s $100 for 10 hours; you can give them a list of tasks to do and they will carefully use time-tracking software to monitor when you’ve run out of time.

If you have a lot of work you need down, you can buy 50hours for $400 (that’s 100 bucks off). That could last you one month or three, depending on what you want them to do – maybe you just want them to update your social media profiles once a week, or write 2 blog posts a month.

Just get in touch with us if you’re ready to get started.