Bestseller Book Launch


Dynamite Book Launch – $997

I see a lot of authors publish their books and… absolutely nothing happens. No sales, no downloads.

Book launches are vital to an author’s success.

The basic point is to drive a whole bunch of sales to one platform (usually Amazon) in a short period of time, to hit the top of the free and paid lists, and hopefully stay #1 in your book’s category, so that Amazon will keep recommending the book and it will keep selling.

This is difficult for authors without an established platform, but we can help!


Guaranteed Results

Unlike everybody else, we are so confident in our book marketing strategy that we can guarantee results. You will be the #1 bestseller in your category on the day of launch. You will get at least 1,000 downloads (mostly free, but some paid). You will get at least 5 natural reviews right off the bat. While we can’t guarantee long-term sales or success, your book will do very well for at least a week, and you’ll be able to call yourself a “bestselling author.”

Launch your book like a pro, hit the top of your genre, and enjoy continued success.