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“Health is wealth.” “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Such sayings may sound cliched, but there is truth in them. Bodies age, get sick, and experience a lot of things, and for us to keep on with our daily lives, we have to continue to maintain our bodily health – and that means doing a lot, from engaging in proper exercise to eating the right types of food. And that’s where the health, body, and wellness books come in – advice from experts and tips based on experience, health and body books serve to help the health-conscious individual in the quest to being – and staying – healthy.

Below, you’ll find links to websites where you may be able to market your own health and body book. There are, as well, a lot of links that lead to resources for the health and body book writer, as well as communities and meet-ups for feedback!

Note: Most of the links provided are for resources, communities, and meet-ups related to health and body.

Links are being continually added to this post!

Blogs and Websites


Author websites:

Facebook Groups

Discussion Groups on Facebook:

Classes and Fitness Groups:

Communities and Forums

Specific interests under Health and Body:

Meet-ups and Events




Do you know of any other great places to market health and body books, or communities for the health-and-body book writer? Let us know in the comments!

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