Book Marketing for Non-Fiction – Memoir

The memoir is a beautiful genre of non-fiction in which the writer tells stories from his or her life, in an engaging, readable format. What’s wonderful about the memoir is that you don’t just find out the cold facts of a person’s life, but it would be like you’re reliving his or her experiences by reading it, making the memoir a personal trip down memory lane. It’s certainly not going to be easy writing a memoir, but the end product – which would, hopefully, touch people’s lives – will be worth it.

Below are some links where you can market your memoir, as well as places where you can communicate with other memoir writers and resources to help you in your writing!

This list is a work in progress, and links are continually being added!

Blogs and Websites


Facebook Groups

Communities and Forums


Magazines and Newsletters

Accepts submissions:


And some bonuses!

Do you know of other great sites where writers can market their memoir? Let us know in the comments!

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