creative barriers

Held Back by Creative Barriers? Here’s How to Smash Through

Are there creative barriers holding you back from writing the work you love?

When you’re stuck in that situation it can feel impossible to feel the freedom to create without worry and restriction.

Thankfully, there are usually ways out. 

Try these.

Plan a short story to flex your creative muscles without the work needed for a full novel.

Boost your craft by brushing up on strong VS weak verbs

Work on your outlining skills so you can capture all the magic of your idea without overlooking anything.

See how to collaborate with likeminded creative organizations and enjoy the magic of shared synergy.

Try out a new writing tool to see if the change of virtual scenery improves your output.

Check out the current world of books to find exciting new markets and trends.

Browse this long list of ideas for regaining creative motion.

Understand how to get unstuck when you need your writing to flow. 

Meditate on Stephen Pressfield’s tips on breaking through artistic resistance.

Figure out if The Law of Attraction could help you get to where you want to go.

Ideas for thriving under pressure as a creative producer.Recover from author disappointment and take steps to bounce back.

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