How to Get Famous Overnight by Writing Guest Posts For High Traffic Blogs

You need a bigger stage. You hope that someday you’ll be discovered like some of the greatest minds that ever penned their souls. But you don’t wait to be discovered, even if the thought ignites you. Even if the undying belief of something to happen is a powerful thing, in this brawl of storytellers to exist, chances are slim.

So, we don’t just clench on law of attraction, we find ways to be discovered. We bridge gaps so people can find their fears and dreams in in our words, and in turn find themselves. Let them see us paint their lives in our books.

Don’t just create in your space, but spread on to bigger blogs that captivates. As long it’s sketched for the audience, you’ll be applaud, and these expert tips will only season it.


SHOW, don’t tell. Writing a guest post that says “Spend less than you make” leads to two things: Me wanting to kill you, and my readers saying “Tell me something I don’t know.” - R. Sethi

Ramit Sethi CEO and New York Times bestseller

While many new bloggers write content and pray for others to come, proactive bloggers reach out to others in their field, write amazingly good content, and quickly build a name for themselves.

Nobody cares about you. Use research, charts, and expert quotes to back up your argument, and create an interesting thesis.

When you submit the final guest post, it should be fully ready to be inserted into WordPress and it will just magically work. This means you should write your byline, format your post, add images on your own server (but also attach them to the email), and otherwise make it 100% ready to go.

Ramit Sethi

A little Google action here is the easiest thing you can do to make sure your post is at least considered. Because no blog will want to publish a post on the same topic they covered last week. - A. Grant

Alexis Grant Executive Vice President of The Penny Hoarder

Letting the editor know that you do, in fact, read the blog regularly – or have at least read it thoroughly before pitching – will put you leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.

Offering a unique pitch isn’t enough. You could have a fabulous angle, but if it’s not along the lines of what readers want to learn, it will get deleted, simple as that. A solid pitch or post is not just about the topic, it’s also about readers.

One approach that sometimes helps writers with this problem is writing the meat of the post first, then circling back to create an introduction that’s in line with the rest of the content, one that prepares the reader to learn a few main points.

Alexis Grant


Connect to them through social media, link back to some of their articles, post in the comment sections of their blog, etc. Do this before you even send your pitch, so they will have some idea of who you actually are. - J. Lenney

Jeff Lenney Internet Marketer and SEO Expert

Check to see if the blog owner has a list of guidelines for guest posts. They may detail what they want from your pitch. Whatever they ask for, do it. If you don’t, they may not even consider you.

Every time you post on someone else’s blog, take the time to promote that post to your readers, respond to comments, and practice other behaviors that will bring attention to their blog.

Jeff Lenney

Tell them how you will market the guest post. You wouldn’t believe how much this will make them happy. Who doesn’t want GREAT content and free traffic driven towards their website? - D. Chesson

Dave Chesson KindlePreneur.com

Placing quotation marks around a phrase or word tells Google you ONLY want that word or phrase to be searched for. It won’t guess and it won’t show you other versions of the world. ONLY that word or phrase.

Offer three potential article titles and list any potential pages of theirs that you would link to.

If you really have some SEO swagger, I like to put that tactic in my proposal. Sometimes I will say something like, “if you accept my guest post, I will not only send out an email to my active readers, or to the hungry social following, I will also build up page SEO for that article as well.

Dave Chesson


Don’t just say, “Do you accept blog posts?” Instead, offer a title that’s both compelling and on topic for the other blog. Although you don’t need to write the post until after the blogger agrees, you should offer a title for the post. - J. Waldman

Joshua Waldman careerenlightenment.com

Send an inquiry to your list of target bloggers.

Write an original blog post for each blogger that gets back to you.

Don’t write a guest blog post until you get an agreement from a blogger to publish it first.

Your inquiry e-mail needs to be authentic and sound like you, so make sure you don’t copy and paste a template when you reach out.

Get to the point in the subject line. You can use “Guest post inquiry forBlog Name” or simply “Guest blog post.” If the blogger needs a new post, he’ll gravitate toward your e-mail.

Close with a call to action. End with telling the blogger what you want her to do. Usually, the call to action is “Please let me know whether you’d be open to seeing a draft of my original post.”

Joshua Waldman

A subtle but important point: this isn’t just a good post, it’s a good post for their blog. - A. Turnbull

Alex Turnbull CEO and founder of Groove

Your potential partner’s blog isn’t the same as your blog, and you should approach it differently. Think about their audience’s unique problems, and solve them in a way that you already know will work.

If you’ve had guest content published elsewhere, mention that. If not, use any form of validation you can: subscribers, traffic, press mentions. Don’t lie here; if you don’t have anything to share yet, don’t worry about it.

Summarize your post in 2-3 sentences, but make sure that the summary is as juicy as possible. By teasing the content (rather than just attaching it or pasting the entire post), you’re respecting the recipient’s time; now they don’t need to read an entire post to know whether they want it or not.

You don’t need sophisticated tracking and funneling systems in place to get started, but you’ll want to build these eventually.

If we had known the power that guest posting has two years ago, we would’ve been doing this a lot sooner. One of the mandates in our 12-month growth strategy is to double down on guest posting.

Alex Turnbull

The secret formula to getting 1,000 subscribers in 60 days or less is to put the guest-posting strategy into overdrive and publish several articles on A-list blogs…and to send that endorsed traffic to a personalized landing page. - N. Patel

Neil Patel Entrepreneur and investor


One practice I like to teach people is to use their URLs in their names when they leave comments. For example, I would type “Neil Patel @QuickSprout.com.”

That personalized landing page is a critical piece…so, don’t skip it. It’s truly the best way to maximize all of your hard work!

I explained this fast and furious guest-posting strategy in a Problogger piece I wrote a number of months ago. In short, it’s this: settle down, get as many guest post commitments as you can and then write like crazy!

Neil Patel

Write content in your niche. Write content under your own name. Write publicly-accessible content. Link to influential writers and sites.

Neil Patel

Check the Domain Authority, and get rid of anything that has a DA below the level of your site – you can usehttp://www.bulkdachecker.com/ to get the DA of every site on your list. A good rule of thumb is to eliminate any site with a DA below 25. This is the route I recommend.

Write the world’s most amazing title. The title is the most important component of the article you create. Spend time on it, and make sure it grabs the reader.

Get it copy-edited. To ensure that your article has the highest level of polish, send it to a copy editor for final spiffing.

Here’s a quick list of how your social media presence should look when he or she Googles you: Your own picture. Not a pet, not a child, not a sport’s team logo. Your face. Your key facts. Your job, your company, your hobbies, your career history, etc. Your activity. Things you’ve posted, links you’ve shared, people you’ve interacted with. Ideally, you have at least a few people following you already. The goal is this: Look legit!

Neil Patel

The fine art of the pitch: Appreciation, brevity, and validation. - K. Lee

Kevan Lee Director of marketing at Buffer

Along with sending a solid pitch, you’ll also want to be pitching the right person. We’ve found success by contacting the features editor or contributions editor at large sites.

As you browse the web, take note of articles that include a reference along the lines of “This story originally appeared…” This is a sure sign that the site allows republished content.

Kevan Lee


A link right at the start can be a little like asking someone to sleep with you on a first date, if you slowly develop the relationship throughout the article then you can hopefully entice them back to your place. - J. Agate

James Agate Digital marketer and investor

Display transparency. Producing a post which centers around transparency leads to higher conversions. Again, this isn’t a fundamental ‘rule’ but is based on my own experiences.

I personally favour including my CTA at the end as it provides a better quality lead as they read right to the end of your post and have generated some interest.

Add social proof to your website and sales literature with the logos of places you have guest blogged.

James Agate

The blogs you pick should be quality (unless they are gigantic, but even 100k+ subscriber blogs can have crap content and useless visitors who barely subscribe, just like Jon Chow’s blog). - G. Ciotti

Gregory Ciotti Marketing at Shopify

And finally, it’s okay to write long guest posts, just make sure the length is packed with value and not extra words for no reason.

As for being the Freddy Krueger of blogging, Danny’s main point in the post that he linked is that it’s better to be guest posting on multiple sites at the beginning of your guest blogging “sweep”, so that you’ll stay in people’s minds as they begin to see you “everywhere”.

Gregory Ciotti

How do you cook up a guest post? Let us know in the comments section below.

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