How to market your young adult fiction

Young adult writers sometimes have difficulty connecting with readers and selling more books, for several reasons:

  1. Young adult (teen) readers may or may not have control over what books they buy, or their Amazon account.
  2. The young adult publishing space is saturated by traditional publishing houses with a huge budget, who can make really awesome websites and things to get traffic.
  3. Young adult readers love really great design, which means YA authors have to make better looking books to be successful.
  4. Targeting teens and advertising at them can seem icky, but authors don’t know – besides writing books – what else they can be doing to get readers’ attention.

Since I’m working on about a dozen YA books that I hope will provide full-time income in the next 3 years, I needed to overcome some of these difficulties, so I’m focusing on building a huge list of YA readers with events and giveaways, and networking with other YA authors to build a powerful community that can support each other.

To kick things off, I’m giving away $7500 worth of book marketing and author branding services, just for YA authors (especially those writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, dystopia or scifi). Check out the video below, or just click here to signup to win.

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