How to write & publish a book that actually earns money

Marketing for writers is about helping authors build platforms that can sustain long-term booksales and easily launch a book to #1 bestseller – but publishing a book can be a long, challenging process… especially if you’re self-publishing.

So we’ve written some short guides to try and make things easier. Check these articles out, or go through them one-by-one, to make sure you’re prepared for the self-publishing gauntlet.

  1. How to write a book – where do I start?” + “what to write about ideas”
  2. How to publish a book yourself – self-publishing roadmap
  3. How to build an author platform – website + email list
  4. How to get book reviews – before you publish
  5. How to design a book cover – free tools and templates
  6. How to format a book for publishing – formatting services and templates
  7. How to find a book editor – affordable editing prices and services
  8. Uploading your files to Createspace and Kindle
  9. How to choose the best keywords and categories for your book
  10. Book marketing strategies that work – avoid book promotion companies and services

Get started now with the first article, or choose the one you need!