Book Marketing for Non-Fiction Authors

There three kinds of non-fiction:

1. The kind that entertains

2. The kind that instructs

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3. The kind that doesn’t do either

It’s possible to write a successful memoir or biography if it’s tragic or funny – but only if it holds our interest, and that’s not easy to do. It’s much easier to write non-fiction that teaches us something about the world; especially if it’s a self-improvement or business skill we are eager to learn.

But if you’re writing a book that appeals to you, and nobody else, and isn’t particularly instructive or entertaining, keep in mind that book marketing is probably not something your particular book needs. You can’t market every product; and you can’t bring a product to market and expect interest.

That said, book marketing for non-fiction is generally easier than book marketing for fiction. You understand the need to position yourself as an expert on your topic and aren’t afraid to do it.

It’s easier to brainstorm related topics that your readers will find interesting. Plus you can repurpose a lot of your book notes and content. Making relationships within your field will be critical for your success, so networking and trading favors (give before you ask!) will really help you build your platform.

I’m building a massive book launch roadmap, full of step-by-step actionable tips and resources, to make sure your book is a smashing success. I’ll be adding that to this page.

Coming soon: The Ultimate 21 Day Non-Fiction Book Launch Roadmap

I’ll also be adding mega-lists of relevant blogs, groups, and resources for your book divided into specific topics/subject matter; we’ll be adding the links here.

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