Where should I promote my books? (Like, really… WHERE?)

I saw a big long post on Facebook this morning with someone asking this question.

Where should I promote my books?

The author mentioned Facebook and Twitter, but those didn’t work.

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I commented (because I’m nice like that) “Find genre specific blogs and websites and find a way to be on them.”

That’s really, really good advice.

And part of me feels like, “if this author is too lazy to Google his own genre keywords and make a list of the blogs and websites that show up, then why would anybody else do it for him?”

But then I realized, maybe he doesn’t have time. Maybe he can’t tell which genre specific websites would let his books appear on them, and if so – how to make that happen.

Maybe he can’t tell how much traffic these sites are getting and whether or not it would be worth it. This is some of the stuff we do for clients, but it’s time-consuming.

So I decided just now, screw it, indie authors need more specific details and resources, and I have the ability and support team to do the research and put everything together.

So I’m announcing a new project:

We are going to identify a list of the top 100 genre-specific places to promote your books for every genre. We’ll make a list of websites or blogs that get the right kind of traffic for your specific genre – people most likely to like YOUR book – and then we’ll tell you the marketing opportunities allowed for each blog or website (guest posts, advertising, google adwords, etc.

I’m pretty sure nobody else has thought to do this before, and it’s going to be an unbelievably immense resource with over 1000 blogs. I don’t know yet what we’ll do with it. Maybe we’ll post it for free. Maybe we’ll use it as our optin offer or a bribe to follow our Facebook page. Maybe we’ll even sell it for $100 bucks or something, or save it for our clients to use (even if we keep most of the resource a secret, I promise I’ll share some of it for free).

It is going to be really freaking useful though and it will revolutionize your book marketing, so you may want to follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you’ll know when and where you can pick it up.

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