Book Marketing that Works

We don’t do Twitter blasts, blog tours or shout really loud.

We simply share your book with those most likely to enjoy it.

Even better, we focus on long term, sustainable efforts to build your author platform. So that by the time you finish your next book, it won’t need any marketing.

Author Website Design – $997

We use WordPress because it’s fast and easy to update. We’ll help you pick a theme that matches the design of your book and brand, and customize it so that it sells books and builds your platform. We offer everything that you could get from anyone else, except for the freedom to mess up the design or make design choices that will hurt sales. If you don’t already have your own web hosting, we offer a fully managed WordPress hosting guaranteed to speed up your site and increase SEO.

Dynamite Book Launch – $997

We will drive a whole bunch of sales in a short period of time, to hit the top of the free and paid lists, and hopefully stay #1 in your book’s category. Unlike everybody else, we are so confident in our book marketing strategy that we can guarantee results.


“Done For You” Book Marketing – $997

If you want to be a career author you need to build an author platform that brings in new readers and is constantly growing. That means publishing excellent content on a regular basis, and being active on social media. We have rigorously recruited a team of brilliant virtual assistants, fluent in English and social media savvy, who do research, write articles, update your accounts, increase interaction and generate community. We’ve been using them to grow our own platform and business quickly, but now they’re available to do the same thing for you. We offer a 3-month package that will build you a strong author platform.


Marketing isn’t the right answer for every product. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing results and increased book sales, but we can only do that if your book has been well-designed, well-edited, and has a reasonably large market. For that reason, we screen our clients and only work with those we feel we can provide solid benefits for. We offer: